You’ve Found the Perfect Anniversary Present!

For the couple that has “everything,” a Gift of Love celebrates the one thing they cherish most
- their enduring love.


Gift of Love - Original anniversary gift ketubah.

What is a Gift of Love?

A Gift of Love is an extremely personal gift in which we “marry” your favorite photo, typically one from your couple’s wedding, with a beautiful text that celebrates the years they have spent together and looks forward to many more.


What different design options do I have?

We offer the following options:


Gift of Love - Original: Our original. We take your photo of the couple and highlight them into a beautiful “frame” of intricate filigree with antique detailing that evokes the romance of a more mystical time--of Romeo and Juliet, of chivalry and honor. As a final touch, we add the phrase, “I am My Beloved’s And My Beloved Is Mine,” and the result is a design that is powerful yet soft and graceful, and one that is completely personal to your couple.


Gift of Love - Gold: Our original with a special gold-tone frame, perfect for Golden Anniversaries!


Gift of Love - Silver: Our original with a special silver-tone frame, perfect for Silver Anniversaries!


Gift of Love - Your Photo: We leave your photo of the couple, as is, and add a text. Simple, but elegant.



Gift of Love - Gold - English Only anniversary gift ketubah.

What different text options do I have?

We offer our Gift of Love series with your choice of our Anniversary text, our Renewal text, or simply write your own Custom text for an additional charge.


How much does it cost?

The Gift of Love - Original, Gold, and Silver are each $349 on paper, $399 on canvas. The Gift of Love - Your Photo is $269 on paper, $319 on canvas. Shipping and additional services or options you might add are extra.


Are there any other services or options available?

Yes, we offer the following:


Personalization of the text: We seamlessly integrate your couple’s information (names, date and location) into the blanks in the text.


Custom texts: Write your own text and we can have it translated into Hebrew or any other language if you like!


Add/Delete/Change Poetic Phrase: Change the phrase that’s in the Original, Gold, or Silver versions (choose a new phrase or add in your couples’ names and wedding date), delete it altogether, or add in a phrase into the ‘Your Photo’ version.


Framing/Wrapping: Let us frame your paper Gift of Love or wrap your canvas Gift of Love so their gift is complete and ready to hang!


Gift of Love - Silver anniversary gift ketubah.

Can I order this for myself (and my spouse or partner)?

Of course!! It makes a wonderful gift whether you’re giving it to another couple or to your own spouse or partner.


Can I order this for a same-sex couple?

Of course!! We can tailor either our Anniversary or Renewal of Vows text to reflect one gender or the other. Just specify all “feminine” or “masculine” in the comments section when ordering.


How does it work?

When you order, you will place the item, Gift of Love, in your cart, then choose your text and options and check out like normal. If you have any preference of how the text should be placed on the photo, just let us know in the Customer Notes box at the end of the checkout process. You must separately mail your hard copy photo or email your digital photo to us at The price is for one photograph only - we can accommodate multiple photos or custom work (e.g. major cleanup, removing an image from its background, etc.) at our customary rates. Please contact us for a quote.


Before choosing a photo, please review it carefully with an eye toward how it might look in a larger format, specifically looking for blurry areas, blemishes or details that might look OK in a small size but will be annoyingly obvious when printed in a larger format. If you are sending us a digital picture, the higher the resolution, the better the result when it is enlarged.



Gift of Love - Your Photo anniversary gift ketubah.

Lets get technical:

For those of you who understand the technical stuff, please be sure it is at least 1200 dpi at 4" x 6" (4800 x 7200 pixels). For the rest of us, before you snap away, try to look in your camera’s manual for instructions on setting both the size and, if possible, the compression. Size is sometimes called pixels or ‘recording pixels’ for still images. Choose ‘large.’ For Compression, choose ‘high quality’ or ‘superfine.‘ (These may be called different things for different brands of cameras. You may want to check the Web site for the make and model of your camera to get the correct information.) In any event, just email us the highest resolution picture you have in the largest size you have. Either way, we'll take a look at your proposed picture before starting the job and let you know if we think it will work or if it will be too grainy when we blow it up.


(By ordering a Gift of Love, you also confirm that you hold the copyright to the photo or that you have permission from the copyright holder to use the photo for this purpose.)


Find your Gift of Love ketubah.


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