Interfaith Ketubah: The Tree by Ruth Karp.

An Interfaith Ketubah Primer - Interfaith Ketubahs for your Interfaith Wedding

If you are looking for the perfect Interfaith Ketubah, or are confused about what Interfaith Ketubahs are, you’ve arrived at the right place.

What is an Interfaith Ketubah?

The term “Interfaith Ketubah” is a bit misleading. There is no “standard” interfaith ketubah. “Interfaith ketubahs” are simply ketubahs, or jewish wedding contracts, that have a design and an interfaith ketubah text that is more reflective of the tastes and values of both partners - jewish and non-jewish - to an interfaith marriage.

As a couple having an interfaith wedding, you may simply mix and match your chosen design with your preferred text to create an interfaith ketubah that is just right for you!

View our most popular interfaith ketubahs.

How do we create an Interfaith Ketubah?

  • Choose the ketubah design you both like best.
    Many traditional ketubah designs are, well, traditional. They often incorporate jewish symbolism and art into the design. We have created hundreds of ketubahs that have no jewish or religious symbolism or which are inspired by other cultures’ art. You are only limited by your own taste.

    You can start by viewing all ketubahs, our most popular interfaith ketubah designs, or simply go to the ketubah finder to shop by artist, style, theme, price, or color scheme and find the ketubah design that you like best.
  • Choose the interfaith ketubah text that speaks to you. Or write your own!
    Ketubahs utilitizing the traditional text are still used by Orthodox and Conservative couples, but most modern couples today - jewish and interfaith - use a variety of more modern, egalitarian ketubah texts that reflects their more modern tastes and values.

    We have created 6 interfaith ketubah texts specifically designed for interfaith couples. Or, if you don’t see one that fits perfectly, you may modify ours or write your own custom ketubah text and we can translate it for you into Hebrew if you like.
  • Choose your options.
    We have many ways to make your Interfaith Ketubah even more special to you, including:

Need to know more before you begin? Check out these resources:

• Our 6 Interfaith Ketubah Texts and an Overview of Interfaith Ketubah Texts

• Personalization - Information You Need to Personalize Your Interfaith Ketubah Text

• Ketubah 101 - How to Order a Ketubah (General Check List)

• Ketubah Personalization & Customization Options (An Illustrated Guide)

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