Which Ketubah Edition Should I Choose?

Almost every ketubah design we have is available in three different editions.* This allows you to choose one that fits your taste and your budget.


Feature Standard Edition ketubah 4less Edition Canvas Option
Printed at the original size the art was designed  
Printed at a reduced size  
Limited Edition - smaller editions from 80 to 500 prints per edition  
Limited Edition - larger editions from 550 to 950 prints per edition  
Archival, 100% cotton rag paper

High quality, archival cotton canvas    
Lead time and rush orders About a week, As quick as 1 day - contact us! About a week, As quick as 1 day - contact us! About 2 weeks, As quick as a week- contact us!
Personalization (additional $69 fee) Optional
(strongly suggested for certain designs with colored text)
(strongly suggested for certain designs with colored text or small font size)
Available with our Premium “Hinged” Frame or our Standard “DIY” Frame  
Available with Gallery Wrap, Museum Wrap or Canvas Frame    
Price Range Varies from $139 to $349 $60 less than the Standard Edition price ($99 to $209) $60 more than the Standard Edition price ($159 to $409)


Standard Edition:

This has been our, well, standard since the beginning. These designs are printed at the size they were designed, on a heavyweight, museum grade, 100% cotton, archival paper. These are limited edition, numbered prints in smaller edition sizes as low as 80 prints per edition. (That means only 79 other people will get that exact same ketubah!) Thousands and thousands of couples have been very happy with their Standard Edition ketubahs.


ketubah 4less Edition:

This is the edition for those who want to save a little money, and who doesn’t need to do that these days? These are smaller versions of our ketubah designs printed on the same archival paper we use for the Standard Edition ketubahs. The edition sizes are much higher, with many designs in editions of 950. Please note: On some ketubah4less Edition designs, the text may be quite small and personalization is strongly recommended because it will be impossible to have a third party (calligrapher) fill in the text by hand, so you will have to order these personalized. Click here to see a PDF example of the font size.


Canvas Option:

This edition will be printed on a high quality cotton canvas in the same dimensions and limited edition sizes as our Standard Edition. One of the beautiful aspects of canvas is it does not need to be framed behind glass. With that in mind, you can have your Canvas Edition ketubah with a contemporary Museum Wrap (white edges) or Gallery Wrap (artwork on edges) or our Canvas Frame (no matte or glass), so you won't lose the beauty of the texture of the canvas for which you paid extra. (Your local framer will be able to suggest a special option for framing your Canvas Edition ketubah.) To protect your canvas ketubah, we finish it with a special matte varnish. This will make the print scratch resistant and help protect it from UV rays. (Of course, this doesn’t mean you should hang it in direct sunlight.) This extra process adds time, so if you call us up on Thursday to order a ketubah for your wedding that Saturday, it will have to be one of the other editions which we can easily get to you on time and with no rush charge.


* Paint Your Own Ketubah and “Your Photo” Ketubah designs are not available in the ketubah4less Edition. Some designs may also be sold out in one Edition, but will still be available in the other Editions.