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to personalize and customize your ketubah.

We offer great ways to make your ketubah even more special.

I never got a chance to thank the staff for all [their] help in selecting and customizing our ketubah, in all the wedding chaos this summer. My wife and I love our ketubah! Its unique design was a big hit, even amongst the more traditional members of our family. And we can’t wait to put it somewhere meaningful in our home some day soon. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Paul and Randye, Boston, Massachusetts

Signature Lines

+$0 Customize Signature Lines  

We can modify the signature lines on your ketubah to reflect both who is officiating and witnessing your ceremony.

The standard signature lines for most of our texts are “Bride, Groom, Witness, Witness, Rabbi,” but can be modified in many ways such as “Bride, Groom, Witness, Witness, Witness, Officiant,” or “Beloved, Beloved, Witness, Witness, Cantor.”

We have created ketubahs that had more than one officiant line and another that had 115 signature lines so that everyone at the ceremony could sign it! (In the rare case that you need a very large number of lines, there may be a small fee to increase the dimensions of print)


+$69 Personalize  

Personalization is adding the names, date, and location to your ketubah text in English and Hebrew. Almost every ketubah we print is personalized because it simply looks more beautiful to have your information included, seamlessly, within the text than to have a calligrapher or officiant fill in the blanks in pen.

When you order a personalized text, you will be asked for the ceremony date, the location, and everyone’s names in English and Hebrew (don’t worry - you can spell them phonetically). We take that information and put it into the text, formatting it so that your text looks absolutely beautiful on your chosen ketubah design. Once a proof is ready, we will email it to you to look over and be sure everything is perfect before we print.

Custom (New) Text

+$50 - $100 Custom Hebrew and/or English Text*
*Custom texts must also include personalization +$69  

For a very personal and meaningful ketubah, you can write your own text. If necessary, we will translate your words into Hebrew for you. Then, we will add all your personalization information - your names, the date, and location of the ceremony - to your text, and format it to fit your chosen design. You will receive a proof of the ketubah to review to make sure it is absolutely perfect before we print.

Please note - if you are using a copyrighted text, you will need to request permission from the copyright owner to use it. We will not print a copyrighted text without permission.

Want to only change a few words of one of our texts? See “Minor Customization of Existing Texts.”

MP Artworks reserves the right to refuse submitted custom texts and text revisions at any time and in its sole discretion.

Minor Customization of Existing Texts

+$30 - $50 Minor Customization of English and/or Hebrew  

Would you like to combine two of our texts? Add a word here or there? Minor customization of existing texts is your chance to get exactly the wording that you want. We will change your text in English and/or Hebrew as requested and reformat the text to fit beautifully in your chosen ketubah design. Of course, we always send you a proof to review before we print to make sure everything looks just the way you want it.

Want to write your own words or make substantial changes to one of our texts? See “Custom (New) Text.”

Add/Remove/Change Poetic Phrase

+$15 - $45 Add/Delete/Change Poetic Phrase  

Some of our ketubahs include a poetic phrase such as, “I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine,” as part of the design.

Add - Adding a phrase to a design that does not already have one. We will artfully add the phrase to your design in such a way that it looks like it has always been part of the artwork.

Delete - Remove a phrase from a design. If you don’t like the way the phrase looks, or would prefer not to have it in your design, we will remove it so that the artwork remains unchanged.

Change - Change an existing phrase on a design to a different phrase. We will make sure the new phrase still fits seamlessly in the design.

Of course, we will be sure to include the phrase change when we send you the proof so that you can know what it looks like before we print.

Text Color/Font Change

+$30 Custom Text Color/Custom Font  

Change the color of the text from the existing color in the design to the color of your choice, or change the font to a different one.

Want the text to match the color in a particular part of the design? Or, maybe the two or you met in college and would like the text to be your school colors. We will work with you to get you exactly what you want.

Perhaps you would prefer a font that you see in one of our other designs on your ketubah.

The new text color will be included in the proof you review before we print.

Other Languages

+$50 - $100  

Does your fiancé speak a different language? Getting married in Italy? Add a third language to your ketubah, or replace the English or Hebrew text with a different language.

We will use your translated copy, or get the text translated for you. Some languages we have used on our ketubahs: Italian, French, German, Chinese, Spanish, Sinhalese, Hmong,

If you would like to use 3 languages, be sure to pick a design where all the text is in one area (not split in half - left and right sides of a tree, for example). Email with any questions about suitable designs.

Custom Quote

Email for quote  

Want something added to your ketubah that you don’t see here? Email with a description of your vision and we will get you a quote.

In the past, we have changed the color schemes of the artwork, created brand new designs for couples, added a pair of cats to a branch and “carved” initials into a tree, included a family’s coat of arms, and created a 1,000-piece puzzle ketubah!