Beshert I | Micah Parker

Dimensions: Artwork/Paper | Limited Edition Print Run
ketubah4less: 10.5" x 18.5"/12" x 20" | 950
Standard: 12.5" x 22"/14" x 24" | 500

A graphic, modern, minimalistic design, "Beshert" by Micah Parker captures love, growth, and the future with its imagery. A pair of love birds face each other, sitting atop reaching branches that have new leaves just beginning to grow. The two intertwining branches of the tree start from the bottom left of the design and move up and to the right. Are they from one tree or from two that have grown into one? Above the branches are faint outlines of the future and continued growth as the tree, and your love for one another, matures. The ketubah text is in a long rectangle on the right half of the design, stopping just above the new leaves.

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