Cherry Sunrise | Lisa Loudermilk

Dimensions: Artwork/Paper | Limited Edition Print Run
ketubah4less: 10.5" x 18"/12" x 19.75" | 850
Standard: 12.5" x 21.5"/14" x 23.5" | 350

A whimsical, abstract work with elements similar to Hunderwasser, Klimt, Kandisky, and Klee, "Cherry Sunrise" by Lisa Loudermilk is a bright, happy, colorful ketubah. A pair of trees with swirling branches sit atop two hills covered in a meadow of rectangular flowers in shades of green, orange, maroon, and golden yellow. The sun peaks through the valley formed by the hills. The cherry red sky is dotted with blue flower-shaped and circular stars. The phrase "I have found the one in whom my soul delights" is placed in a white band at the top the design in English and, in Hebrew, above the maroon ketubah text which is in the bottom portion of the design.

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