My Beloved's Ring | Micah Parker

This contemporary Dimensions: Artwork/Paper | Limited Edition Print Run
ketubah4less: 12.5" x 16"/14" x 17.75" | 850
Standard: 17.5" x 22.5"/19" x 24.5" | 450

display of classic design, incorporating antique elements in a modern interpretation, is a blend of European renaissance and Persian ornament. The ketubah is a beautiful representation of the double ring ceremony in which both partners exchange rings to symbolize their mutual respect of one another, the wholeness achieved through marriage, and their hope for an unbroken bond and lifetime commitment. The interconnection of the two rings tenderly signifies the union of two lives forever entwined, who both retain their own individuality but at the same time form a stronger, united soul. This ketubah has the look of a piece of art hundreds of years old and, because of our archival printing process, will last hundreds more.

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