Ketubah Text Personalization:

Let Us Fill in the (Ketubah's) Blanks!

Price: $69

There’s no need to go searching for a calligrapher:

We can take care of filling in the ketubah text blanks for you! Because we handle the creation of your ketubah at our studio, we can incorporate all of the required names, dates, and locations right into the English and/or Hebrew text(s) for an overall presentation that enhances the appearance of your artwork.

PLUS, you receive an advance proof of your personalized text to share with your officiant -- or parents or whoever else needs or wants to see and approve it – so there are NO surprises when you receive your finished ketubah.

Just select the ketubah text of your choice, plus “personalization” and fill out the form we provide after you finish the “check-out” process.

Download a sample personalization form.

Learn more about personalization in our FAQ section.

My wedding is very soon - do I have time to get my ketubah personalized?

We can assure you that 99.99% of the time you have enough time and will get your ketubah before your wedding date. Please see our lead time FAQ.

Considering an unpersonalized ketubah? Read this first!

It’s no problem for us, but we want to be sure you understand that if we don't personalize your ketubah text, you will have to do it yourself, hire a calligrapher, or ask your officiant to do so. At least 95% of couples get their ketubah personalized by us, which we think not only makes for the best presentation of the artwork because it will not have a "filled in" look, but also avoids the cost and hassle of finding a calligrapher or the heart break of not being happy with the way the officiant has filled it out. (99% of officiants we questioned prefer not to, or won’t, personalize what is really a work of art. This is a very frequent occurrence and our #1 reprint request reason. You might want to check with your officiant about this.)

Let us show you what we mean:

Sample #1: Sample #2: Sample #2:
What the text would look like if we personalize it for you (we do so before we print the ketubah so the text will look seamless). What the text might look like if a calligrapher completed the ketubah - it should look neat but it may appear “filled in.” What the text might look like if you simply have someone else, such as your officiant, handwrite in the information.
Ketubah text personalyzed by MP Artworks. Ketubah text personalyzed by calligrapher. Ketubah text personalyzed by a rabbi.
click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge

What if I change my mind? Or if my officiant makes a mistake?

We are not able to personalize the ketubah once it is printed, so if you want us to do so we must know beforehand. However, if you choose to go without personalization and then change your mind after the ketubah is printed or if your calligrapher or officiant makes a mistake, just let us know and we can reprint your ketubah for $75 for paper, $100 for canvas (and, if you like, we can then add the personalization for an additional $69 at that time).


E-mail from client:

We recently purchased a ketubah from you and, foolishly, did not listen to your advice to have it personalized by you. It has now been ruined by errors, white out was used on it, and a "patch" of calligraphy paper was glued on to it. Is there anything you can do to help us? I look forward to hearing from you.

Val & Stan Konkel

Saskatchewan, Canada

Scan of the ketubah they sent back (click to enlarge):

We reprinted their ketubah (the standard reprint charge is $75 for paper, $100 for canvas), and of course, they had us do the personalization this time.

Some Good Advice from Another Client:

Second Time is a Charm

Nan Falk got married on May 16, 2009 in Largo, Florida. She had originally ordered an unpersonalized framed ketubah. Here is the rest of her story:

I can not thank the staff at MP Artworks enough for the quality of their product and service. How in the world they manage to put up with "know it all" types like me, who nicely, but adamantly rebuked every offer they made to fill in my ketubah I will never know. I was certain that I wanted my Rabbi to fill it in, even being so bold as to say that I would welcome any errors that might occur as they would make it seem more "real and natural".

HA! That was before the ketubah arrived. Although I had thought it quite beautiful online, in person it was an art masterpiece that had been perfectly framed (we chose a cherry hinged frame). It arrived one week before the wedding. I took one look at it and decided there was no way that anyone was going to fill in the blanks with ordinary handwriting.

I called MP Artworks expecting them to take an "I told you so attitude" and perhaps even tell me it was too late to remedy the issue. The staff could not have been more helpful or nicer. They processed my request (for a very modest fee) and had the ketubah back to me, filled in beautifully and ready to be signed and hung on the wall… All in time for the wedding.

I hope no one else puts themselves through the last minute stress of making my mistake. There are enough things to take care of at this very important time in your life. I now say, let the experts at MP Artworks make this part of your wedding plans easier. Trust them and their advice. Sit back and let them work their magic. You won't regret it.

In sum, I'm very grateful to all of you for the help you gave me. You really are a blessing.

Nan Falk

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