Custom Ketubah Text Options ¹

From Changing a Few Lines to Providing Your Text

Whether you want your ketubah text to be a little different or a lot different, we can incorporate your words into the design of your choice!

Minor Ketubah Text Customization:

Make Small Changes to One of Our Ketubah Texts!

Price: $30-$50

Like one of our texts, but just want to change a line here or there? Tell us exactly how you would like the text to read, and we’ll make the revisions to your Hebrew-English, English-only or Hebrew-only text.

Although we can do minor changes to your ketuba text in house (such as deletions, English only additions, and Hebrew additions from our own texts), changes which include Hebrew additions require us to send them out to a translator. (Although we have an in-house personalizer, that person is not a professional language translator. Translation is a whole other skill.) Sometimes even seemingly small changes which, in English, simply require us to move around words or phrases, may not be grammatically correct if done so in Hebrew, so we like to confirm that with the translator. And every translator charges a minimum amount, even if we only need one word translated. Even some English-only customization or changes which use portions from several of our ketubah texts may be considered custom if they are extensive and/or interwoven enough.

We take pride in producing beautiful and unique wedding ketubahs, paying great attention to detail, while keeping your ketubah as affordable as possible. So when available, we will try to work with you and provide you options that will meet your budget.

On the order form, after selecting your text, choose “Customization of Existing Texts.”

Custom Ketubah Texts:

Write or Provide Your Own Ketubah Text!

Price: $50-$100 (text personalization required)

We also offer the opportunity for you to provide your own text. (And we’ll even translate this new text into Hebrew or another language of your choice!)

This service also includes the personalization of your ketubah, since we’ll be working with an all-new text.

Choose one of the “Custom Text” options (the first field on the online order form), and e-mail your text to For more, in-depth details, see our FAQ.

¹ MP Artworks reserves the right to refuse submitted custom texts and text revisions at any time and in its sole discretion.

Custom Ketubah Text Example


Reform III


Ketubah text, Reform III by MP Artworks.


click to enlarge

Reform IV


Ketubah text, Reform IV by a calligrapher.


click to enlarge

Custom Ketubah Text Combining

Reform III and Reform IV


Ketubah text, customized by combining Reform III and Reform IV.


click to enlarge

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