Autumn Tree II | Eve Rosin

Budget: 17" x 13"
Standard: 22" x 17"
Canvas: 22" x 17"

Originally a watercolor, the modern, abstract "Autumn Tree II" ketubah by Eve Rosin flows across the paper like the leaves through the air. Waves of blue and green fill the background while a tree of autumnal brown, yellow, and red gently twists its way from the bottom right to the upper left. Small, golden brown leaves swirl around the branches. The popular wedding phrase from the Song of Songs, "I am my beloved?s and my beloved is mine," floats above the tree, while the Hebrew "Ani l'dodi v'dodi li" curves below the branch. The rectangular ketubah text is placed to the left of the tree and is in a brown color that is complimentary to the design.
A genuine curiosity about a variety of media has served up-and-coming artist Eve Rosin well, thus far, in her career - from roles as an "arts and crafts" instructor at the local Jewish community center and accomplished graphic designer to her most recent endeavors in Judaic fine art.

Her studies at New York's prestigious Pratt Institute allowed her the opportunity to explore woodworking, clay, printmaking, millinery, work with precious metals and even furniture making, but her primary inspirations have always remained the same: nature and the constantly changing environment.

This appreciation, tempered with a modern sensibility, is epitomized by her favorite artists, Japanese-American sculptor, designer and architect Isamu Noguchi and Finnish architect and sculptor Eero Saarinen. It is also visible in her student works, which earned her accolades including selection at the 2002 International Contemporary Furniture Fair and the 2003 Pratt show, a Presidential Merit Scholarship and a regular place on the President's and Dean's lists.

Following her graduation with a Bachelor of Industrial Design, Eve returned to her hometown, Sarasota, where she works as a graphic designer and is in close proximity to her favorite inspirations - the textures of the beach and the deep blue of Florida's skies.

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